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Lead Technical Architect Albany, NY
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 Under the direction of the Project Director, the incumbent of this position will be responsible for budget, vendor, and technical team management and will serve as the chief Information Technology (IT) architect and technical lead for the OP Modernization Program. The incumbent of this position must be able to work with vendors, project staff, and  staff in the context of an agile development environment on multiple projects and possess a broad knowledge of current and emerging technologies, frameworks, and platforms and significant experience and expertise in the design of a highly integrated architecture that has the resiliency, scalability, and extensibility to support current and future needs.

Job Duties:

  • Serve as the  technical lead for all projects in the OP Modernization Program;
  • Serve as Scrum master on multiple teams with the within the OP Modernization Program;
  • Plan, organize, and direct the design and implementation of the enterprise architecture components, platforms, hardware, and software required for the projects within the program;
  • Take a leadership role in the architecture governance process;
  • Assist in leading, participating and documenting in requirements meetings;
  • Oversee vendor services conducting the analysis and design activities critical to the OP Modernization Program, including development of the “as-is” analysis artifacts, development of the future operational models and “to-be” artifacts, development of the future data and architectural models, and development of the roadmap, NPS costs, and staffing needs for implementation of those models;
  • Provide architectural leadership to all projects within the OP Modernization Program, and help oversee and manage selected vendors during the implementation phase of the OP Modernization, mainframe migration and development of accompanying online services projects;
  • Adhere to ITS vendor management standards and processes, including review and ensuring the quality of contractor deliverables;
  • Develop and maintain all IT architecture plans and diagrams for this program;
  • Assist with developing project IT budgets, reviewing IT budgets, and monitoring adherence to IT budgets;
  • Develop procurement materials for architectural components of the project;
  • Manage vendors contracted to assist with IT architecture work;
  • Coordinate the work of IT staff across multiple project teams and ITS operational teams, including  Business Solutions and Technical Services teams;
  • Develop and recommend efficient IT staffing levels consistent with workload, and assign IT project personnel accordingly;
  • Develop and implement improved quality assurance measures for managing all testing activities within sprint iterations among scrum development teams;
  • Comply with, and ensure all subordinate program staff comply with organization and Information Security Office policies, standards, and procedures;
  • Collaborate with the Project Director to develop efficient practices for timely payment in conformance with contractual and statutory requirements; and
  • Assist other units within the organization to promote conformance with and support of program and architecture objectives.

Required Qualifications:

  • Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree AND six years of experience as an IT project architectural and technical lead. o Four years of experience as a technical supervisor in an Agile development environment can be substituted for a bachelor’s degree. o Three years of experience must have been at a supervisory level, or one year of experience must have been at a managerial level.
  • Five years of experience leading IT teams in programs and projects with significant IT modernization and organizational transformation goals;
  • Five years of experience helping to develop, execute, and monitor project plans including scope, schedule, budget, resource, risk management, quality management, and communications plans;
  • Three years of experience developing with COBOL mainframe systems;
  • Three years of experience in vendor and contract management;
  • Three years of experience in transforming functional and non-functional requirements into enterprise architectural and solution designs;
  • Three years of experience in reviewing and recommending solution architectures and system designs;
  • Three years of experience managing an IT team;
  • Three years of experience implementing Agile development processes in a transition from waterfall development practices;
  • Experience with NYS procurement including the development of procurement materials;
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams consisting of IT, program area, and contractor resources;
  • Strong verbal and oral communication skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities;
  • Demonstrated ability to champion technical change;
  • Demonstrated ability to align architectural and technical project work with strategic IT technology goals and to create actionable tasks that move an organization towards those goals
  • Must be able to code in Java and understand service-oriented architecture technical principles
  • Must be familiar with managing projects utilizing Jira and Confluence
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate across organizational boundaries.


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