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$15.00/HR (paid weekly)

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Under direct supervision, performs field sampling of potable water, wastewater, surface water, ground water, or other media to ensure process control or regulatory compliance. Job requires working knowledge of JEA and regulatory standard operating processes and procedures for sampling. Assists in routine preparation and analysis of samples for environmental compliance and production data to assist in supporting the organization’s effort to excel in environmental stewardship. Job requires basic knowledge of sampling techniques, laboratory techniques, safety practices and procedures, sufficient to perform a limited range of routine technical tasks. Specific standard operating procedures are provided requiring some judgment in rearranging work sequences in specific cases. Assists in solving routine problems. Work is reviewed in progress and upon completion for accuracy and completion in following established procedures and directions. Regular contact with individuals in the same work group is required to obtain, clarify or provide facts and information. May be required to work a variety of non-standard hours and/or be on call twenty-four (24) hours-a-day, seven (7) days-a-week to provide continuous customer service.


• Performs field sampling for various media following approved methodology

• Maintains, calibrates and troubleshoots field meters

• Performs routine laboratory analyses (e.g. Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), pH, etc.).

• Prepares and maintains chemicals, reagents, and standards for analysis.

• Maintains inventory for work group.

• Prepares forms documents and reports, as required.

• Performs housekeeping tasks to maintain a clean, orderly and safe working environment.

• Maintains information, records, documents and file systems.

• Attends safety meetings.

• Performs sampling equipment maintenance/cleaning, laboratory glassware washing, sample disposal, and preparation tasks.

• Operates standard office equipment and uses required software applications, including Microsoft Office Suite and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

• Performs other job-related work as assigned.

Knowledge of:

• Basic laboratory techniques (e.g. preparing reagents, gravimetric and volumetric measurements, titrations, etc.).

• Basic laboratory terminology.

• Laboratory safety techniques.

• Metric systems.

• Periodic chart, names, and formulas of common lab compounds.

Skill in:

• Collecting, testing and analyzing field samples.

• Operating and adjusting field sampling and testing equipment.

• Performing laboratory tasks using common laboratory glassware and apparatus.

• Performing data computations and basic unit conversions.

• Operating standard office equipment and using required software applications typically found in a laboratory environment (i.e. MS Word, Excel).

Ability to:

• Grasp and apply new ideas.

• Read, comprehend and apply job-related technical materials.

• Manage multiple tasks and priorities with conflicting deadlines in a fast paced environment.

• Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with others.


High school diploma or equivalent and must include successful completion of twelve (12) semester hours of Chemistry, Biology, Natural Sciences or related field at college level.


A valid driver’s license is required prior to employment and must be maintained during employment in this classification.


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