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Associate Technician Jacksonville, FL
Salary: $ – $

We are on the hunt for an Associate Technician to assist our great client. This is a exciting entry level opportunity in which you will be out in the field Maintaining geospatial and topographic data. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door at an a large organization. Below you will find additional details about this opportunity. This position will be filled quickly, so be sure to apply today!!

Knowledge of:

  • GIS software (ESRI ArcGIS, etc.) and oracle knowledge would be a plus!
  • Theories, principles, and best practices used to manipulate GIS databases, software, and equipment.
  • GIS concepts (e.g. cartography, thematic mapping, scales, geocoding, coordinate systems, etc.)
  • Geodatabase design and other methods of spatial data storage and conversion.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and the integration of GPS data with GIS
  • Map projections and coordinate systems.
  • Programming and scripting languages used in GIS (VBA, MS.Net, Python, SQL, etc.).

Skill in:

  • Maintaining geospatial and topographic data.
  • Using assigned software to design, analyze, develop, and maintain geospatial data and systems.
  • Integrating Computer Aided Design (CAD) data with GIS.
  • Preparing oral and written technical reports.

Ability to:

  • Apply GIS technologies to help understand and resolve business issues.
  • Troubleshoot and correct application errors and data integrity issues.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with users to provide information and advice, meet their needs, and achieve expected results.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


  • Performs spatial analysis using advanced GIS tools.
  • Creates, manipulates, and edits spatial data from a variety of sources such as CAD drawings, GPS data, as-build drawings, historical maps, and survey notes.

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